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How to write a check

How to write a check

Dear Mates, welcome to HowToQnA. Today i am discuss on topic How to write a check
Mates, filling out a check for first time? You may have questions, for example, where to sign a check and how to compose a check. While you probably won't compose numerous checks, it's as yet a significant expertise to have. So lets know How to write a check in details.

How to write a check
How to write a check

🎯Here are below some steps for How to write a check...

1st Write the date on check

How to write a check

➮To write the date on the line at the top right-hand side. This step is very important so the bank and or those person you are giving the check to knows when you wrote check.

2nd Who is this check for?

How to write a check

➮Next line on the check, 'Pay to the order of,' is where you write the name of the that person, company or an organisation you want to pay. You can also write the word 'cash' if you don’t know those person or organization’s exact name. Be alert, that this can be dangerous if the check ever gets lost. Someone can cash or deposit a check made out to the 'cash.'

3rd To write payment amount in numbers

How to write a check

➮There are two(2) spots on a check where you write the cash, amount you are paying. 1st, you’will need to write the dollar($) amount numerically (for e.g:- $125) in the small box on the right side. Be certain to write this visibly so the ATM machine or bank can accurately subtract this cash or amount from your account.

4th To write payment amount in words

How to write a check

➮On line below 'Pay to the order of,' write out the dollar($) cash or amount in words to match the numerical dollar($) cash or amount you wrote in the box. For e.g:- If you are paying $125, you will write “one hundred twenty-five dollars and 75/100.” To write a check with cents, be certain to put the cents amount over 100. If the dollar($) cash or amount is a round no., still include and 00/100' for additional. Writing the dollar($) cash or amount in words is significant for a bank to process a check as it confirm the correct cash payment total.

5th To write a memo

How to write a check

➮To filling out the line that says 'Memo' is an optional, but supportive for knowing why you wrote the check. And if you are paying a check for a monthly rent or electric bill, you can write 'Monthly Rent' or 'Electric Bill' in the memo section. Regularly when you are paying a bill, the company or an organisation will ask you to write your a/c no. on the check in memo section.

6th To sign on check

How to write a check

➮To sign your name on the line at the bottom right hand side using the signature you utilized when you opened the checking a/c. This shows the bank that you agree that you are paying the detailed cash or amount and the correct payee.


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